Today is a happy day for all players of Cooking Fever that ever had problems with farming resources, purchasing upgrades or anything similar to this. Purchasing restaurants may be also a problem for many people. I know from a lot of friends that also played the game that they really liked to play the game a lot but the lack of resources made them uninstall the game. This can not happen anymore as the Cooking Fever cheats can send you hundred thousands of Gold and Gems in a few seconds. Forget all other tips and tricks you heard of this is the only help you will need to become one of the best.

Cooking Fever hack will make it possible to have any restaurant available, this makes the game much more fun as you can switch between all of them whenever you want to. All dishes will be available to you now and you can have a try at every restaurant and see which you like the most. Normally a single use of the Cooking Fever hack should be enough, depending on how many Gems you want to generate.

Changes by the Cooking Fever cheats

There are many changes that are being made when using the Cooking Fever hack tool. Some parts of the game will be completely over for example you will never have to farm Gems or Gold anymore. You can also decorate your restaurant exactly as you like without having to watch after your resources. Your guests will thank you for this by leaving bigger tips and feel much more comfortable while staying at your restaurant. The aim of every Cooking Fever player should be to make their guests stay as pleasantly as possible.

cooking fever cheats tool

Playing Cooking Fever

At first you start in a small restaurant in a mall which does not give you big profits at all. Once you successfully bettered the restaurants reputation. When you have done this the restaurant will also bring you more money so you can purchase upgrades or other restaurants faster. Another good way to make more money is to higher the prices but then you have to deliver a good quality and in a really short time also otherwise you will get lower tips. So it was kind of useless to higher the prices at all. Remember this when you increase the price of your dishes. Once you finished playing a restaurant you should start playing another one. Every restaurant that you have is giving you passive income each day but you have to collect it manually so make sure to at least collect the passive money you get. When having use the Cooking Fever cheats you won’t have to farm the resources by yourself, you just have to spend them which is much more enjoyable.

In the end I can recommend this tool to every player who also would like to make progress a little faster and play through all restaurants and cook all available dishes. If this is what you want to do no matter what don’t waste anymore time and head over to the latest online Cooking Fever cheats tool.