About us

We at Puzzlemochalov are passionate gamers and like to play all kind of mobile games. This is why we have decided to run this little blog and keep you informed about your favourite games. Not only tips and tricks are going to be shown here we also like to hack or use cheats. This makes games even more fun if you ask us so we are going to share the best hack tools with you also.

You can be sure that we already tested them for you and that we ensure that everything is working well. Helping others that have the same habits as we have is the greatest thing we can dream of. So today we are doing this since a few years and got so many positive messages from readers of our earlier blogs.

We not only enjoy gaming the blogging part where we share our experiences with you is also really fun. We enjoy it being in contact with so many people that are all intersted in the same things as we are. Thats basically why we are doing this, I hope you like our blog feel free to leave a comment if you like.